LAVA Downtime Planned

Paul Larson paul.larson at
Fri Mar 16 02:50:39 UTC 2012

This is just an early notification that the Linaro validation farm will be
physically moving to a new site next week.  Unfortunately, the network
cables won't stretch that far, so it will mean some downtime. :)

Here's the tentative plan:

Wednesday, March 21st - the rack with the toolchain server will be shut
down, crated and sent off
Thursday, March 22nd - pretty much everything else will go offline (main
LAVA server, development boards)
Friday, March 23rd - physical move will happen, and if all goes well (what
could possibly go wrong?!) the main site and as many of the boards as
possible will go back online in their new home
Saturday, March 24th to Sunday, March 25th - finish configuring and
bringing up cloud services, toolchain server, etc.

There's another bit of good news here, that the lab will be getting a much
needed upgrade in the internet connection. A partial (but significant one)
at first, and a bigger one in about a month or so with redundant

Bear in mind that this is just the tentative plan, Dave or I will send out
a reminder and update as the date gets closer, or if something changes.

Paul Larson
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