Changes to Blueprint work items in Launchpad

Fathi Boudra fathi.boudra at
Fri Mar 16 06:49:25 UTC 2012

On 15 March 2012 21:53, Guilherme Salgado wrote:
> Hi there,
> Launchpad now supports blueprint work items natively and we've already
> migrated the work items from the whiteboards of most Linaro Blueprints.
> Most of us wouldn't even notice those changes because we still have a
> text field to enter work items and it uses the exact same format we used
> before. In the future we might improve the user experience but for now
> we decided to keep the same UI and format. There's a blog post with more
> information, if you're curious:
> In practice this just means you'll enter the work items in the 'Work
> items' field instead of the whiteboard (the meta info
> [acceptance/headline] still go there, though), but the work items of
> some of our Blueprints could not be migrated, so I've spammed^W sent an
> email to the owner/assignee of each of them.  It would be nice if those
> of you who receive that email migrated your BPs manually but even if you
> don't status.l.o is setup to pull work items from both the new field and
> the whiteboard, so you'll still see your work items there.
> And if you're curious why we're doing all this, it's so that we can
> implement the monthly engineering views in Launchpad:

Michael Hudson's LP work item editor has been updated to reflect this changes:

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