Linux kernel with rpmsg and possibility for compiling powervr drivers

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> If you look at tilt-android-tracking, there is a complete 1.8 SGX
> (usable on ICS) on fairly recent basis which includes its own rpmsg
> stack as part of the SGX port.  The matching userlands are available via
> google AOSP.
> We also have what's currently only working on
> I was a bit unclear. Sorry. First, we are thinking of using Linux for
> this task instead of Android. We want rpmsg support to get access to the
> m3 devices for h264 encoding and decoding. with pvr I basically meant a
> dss which can be used to compile rsalvetis pvr omap 4 kernel module.

Bit unclear is an understatement in this case ^^ rpmsg is a complete red
herring then.

1.7 SGX as currently used in Ubuntu does not use rpmsg.  All the
currently available mm decode solutions for Ubuntu don't use it yet
either, they use its predecessor "syslink".

If you check out tilt-3.1 branch from our repo that has working syslink
+ tiler pieces needed by the mm decode pieces in Ubuntu and will build
against SGX dkms.


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So what you are basically saying is forget rpmsg for the time being? Do you know if  gst-ducati works with syslink then?

thank you so much for your help so far.
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