Linux kernel with rpmsg and possibility for compiling powervr drivers

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On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Martin Ertsås <mertsas at> wrote:

> The reason we want rpmsg is to get h264 endcoding and decoding using
> gstreamer elements. I'm not sure if gst-ducati works with syslink as
> well? Andy is right that it is mm decode/encode I am interested in.
> So if I have understood you right: For the time being, I should use
> tilt-3.1 with syslink and gst-ducati (or some other gst element?) to get
> mm h264 encoding/decoding working on the omap. And when rpmsg is in a
> stable upstream/tilt kernel, I can switch to that and still use gst-ducati?

at the current time, as andy said if you want a workable GST with decoders
and encoders using gst-ducat, the only solution is 3.1 kernel with
syslink2.0. I am not entirely sure about the exact status of Linaro
releases with this regards (rsavelti can comment on that), but for sure if
you use a plain 'ubuntu 11.10' with the TI OMAP 'release' PPA packages
installed (see
then you will get such a system. PVR drivers are working for UI, and PVR is
used as well for video rendering (through GST pvrvideosink element). With
all these packages installed, you can use gst-launch or any gst based
application, and video codecs will be h/w accelerated through gst-ducati.

we are *currently* working on the next gen GST stack which will be based on
3.3+ kernel with rpmsg (aka syslink3) and a new graphics architecture based
on our new omapdrm GEM based driver. This is work-in-progress at the
moment, and we are publishing our 'experimental' work in our OMAP 'trunk'
PPA (~tiomap-dev/omap-trunk in LP). At this point of time, we have updated
libDCE , kernel, and firmware and we have some basic video decode working
with this new stack, but 1) we haven't started the GST updates, 2) it's not
recommended if you want something that 'just works'. Support for encoders,
and support at GST level (gst-ducati) will be available in the coming weeks.
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