Linux kernel with rpmsg and possibility for compiling powervr drivers

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On 03/19/12 11:22, Dechesne, Nicolas wrote:
> Martin,
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Martin Ertsås <mertsas at
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>     The reason we want rpmsg is to get h264 endcoding and decoding using
>     gstreamer elements. I'm not sure if gst-ducati works with syslink as
>     well? Andy is right that it is mm decode/encode I am interested in.
>     So if I have understood you right: For the time being, I should use
>     tilt-3.1 with syslink and gst-ducati (or some other gst element?)
>     to get
>     mm h264 encoding/decoding working on the omap. And when rpmsg is in a
>     stable upstream/tilt kernel, I can switch to that and still use
>     gst-ducati?
> at the current time, as andy said if you want a workable GST with
> decoders and encoders using gst-ducat, the only solution is 3.1 kernel
> with syslink2.0. I am not entirely sure about the exact status of
> Linaro releases with this regards (rsavelti can comment on that), but
> for sure if you use a plain 'ubuntu 11.10' with the TI OMAP 'release'
> PPA packages installed (see
> then you will get such a system. PVR drivers are working for UI, and
> PVR is used as well for video rendering (through GST pvrvideosink
> element). With all these packages installed, you can use gst-launch or
> any gst based application, and video codecs will be h/w accelerated
> through gst-ducati.
> we are *currently* working on the next gen GST stack which will be
> based on 3.3+ kernel with rpmsg (aka syslink3) and a new graphics
> architecture based on our new omapdrm GEM based driver. This is
> work-in-progress at the moment, and we are publishing our
> 'experimental' work in our OMAP 'trunk' PPA (~tiomap-dev/omap-trunk in
> LP). At this point of time, we have updated libDCE , kernel, and
> firmware and we have some basic video decode working with this new
> stack, but 1) we haven't started the GST updates, 2) it's not
> recommended if you want something that 'just works'. Support for
> encoders, and support at GST level (gst-ducati) will be available in
> the coming weeks.
Ok. Thank you so much for all your help, it have been really helpful.
Will work with linux-3.1 and syslink 2.0 then. Really appreciate the

- Martin
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