Plan for changing the binary toolchain to 4.7 and hardfloat

Michael Hope michael.hope at
Mon Mar 19 21:19:00 UTC 2012

On 20 March 2012 01:42, Andrew Stubbs <andrew.stubbs at> wrote:
> I think the "correct" solution to this would be to have the binary toolchain
> built in a multilib configuration that supports both softfp and hardfp, and
> provide aliases for both triplets that configure the right setting, but that
> requires more build, test, and install effort and trickery, and it's not
> clear how much benefit there would be.

It's not trivial with the current tools.  The loader name changes as
well but this isn't critical - we don't need to support more than one
distro, just not lock out other uses.

> I don't really understand why the compiler name can't just be changed to
> match the ABI change though?

Upstream GCC recognises arm*-*-linux*-*eabi and not *eabihf.  Other
packages may be the same.

-- Michael

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