Snowball V8 USB OTG broken

adnan ali adnan.ali at
Tue Mar 20 11:06:07 UTC 2012


     I started working on snowball v8 development board to
investigate usb otg. My initial effort didn't gave me any result.
I started investigating otg driver it seems that it starts in idle
mode and then update its status to peripheral mode based on
line status. Which in this case should go into host mode as per
cable Mini-A. I manually put the driver into host mode and using
debug messages in driver. It started to detect memory stick
being plugged in and plugged out but it wasn't appearing as
block device. As AB8500 interface chip documentation for usb is
not in public domain makes it nearly impossible to debug the driver

As usb otg is bus power so only low power device can be used.


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