Brave 12.03 testers, a call to action

Zach Pfeffer zach.pfeffer at
Thu Mar 22 16:28:09 UTC 2012

Here are our bold volunteers!






Vishal 4460 Chenglie 4430
(4430 and 4460)
(4430 and 4460)
(4430 and 4460)

Amber 4430, Tony 4460
(4430 and 4460)
(4430 and 4460)

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Here's the process:

Abhishek will cut the builds on Monday 3/26, India Morning. He will
boottest each tip. Please watch email or IRC in case he needs some
help. After the builds are done he will enter the released build to
test into the test spreadsheets (build row) listed here. Please test
this build exactly.

__Test Spreadsheets__

iMX53, iMX6






STarting on Tuesday, please program the builds and boot um up.

The tests are documented at the "Test Description" link on each test sheet.

Run through the tests starting with tests that were red in the last
release, then tests that were yellow, then the rest and enter in the
new results in the spreadsheet in the right column. In this case
r12.03. It'll be the column with the build listed in the build row.
note which tab you're on. You should see the build name. Also make
sure you put the kernel and toolchain that the build is run against.
and the build number.

Also, and this is new from last time, look at all the bugs in the
linaro-android project in launchpad that are marked Fix Committed and
if they're fixed, mark them Fix Released with the build you tested. If
they're not, please update the bug and set it back to In Progress.

When you run into a new issue, please file a bug with the test that
was run and the build that it was tested on. For existing issues,
please update the bug with the build link that was tested, with a
note, "still an issue on http://....#123," etc.

If you have any questons, call, email or IRC me.

Zach Pfeffer
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