Graphics working group components for 2012.03

Jesse Barker jesse.barker at
Thu Mar 22 17:55:40 UTC 2012

Hi all,

The graphics working group is pleased to announce the 2012.03 release
for the following components:

- glmark2
  * Offscreen rendering support using framebuffer objects.
  * New command line switch to allow selection of end-of-frame method,

- glcompbench
  * New 'blur' test.
  * Updated glproxy support.

- glproxy
  * Enhanced selection of EGL vs. GLX based upon new detection API.

These are all available for download from their respective project
pages, conveniently linked from the project group page at:

The release for the linaro-mm-sig project is being rolled up into the
linux-linaro kernel tree (linux-linaro branch of
git:// for this cycle,
and should see updates between cycles, as well moving forward.



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