[RFC] First pass config fragment breakout for linaro kernel

John Stultz john.stultz at linaro.org
Mon Mar 26 19:20:55 UTC 2012

     So after talking about it at the last Linaro Connect, I've finally 
gotten around to making a first pass at providing config fragments for 
the linaro kernel.  I'd like to propose merging this for 12.04, and 
doing so early so we can make sure that all the desired config options 
are present in the fragments and to allow the vairous linaro build 
systems to begin migrating their config generation over.

The current tree is here:


The most relevant commit being:


This includes config fragments for a linaro-base, an android-ization 
fragment, and  board configs for panda, origen and imx53.

I suspect we'll need an ubuntu specific fragment as well as all the 
other board fragments.

There is likely to be quite a bit of churn as we decide what sort of 
configs are really common and which are board specific. But that's ok.

Configs are generated from the config fragments, as follows:

./scripts/kconfig/merge_config.sh ./configs/linaro-base.conf ./configs/android.conf ./configs/panda.conf

You may see warnings, which are not fatal, but should be reported so 
they can be properly cleaned up.

I'm asking for Build folks to take a look at the above and consider how 
they might merge in fragment assembly into their system replacing their 
current config generation.

I'd ask Landing teams to take a look at this, and report any missing 
config options or fragment chunks they'd like to see.


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