Linaro-linux Kernel Release 2012.03

Andrey Konovalov andrey.konovalov at
Tue Mar 27 20:11:38 UTC 2012


The Linaro Kernel Working Group (KWG) and the Linaro Platform
Group are excited to announce the availability our March 2012
development snapshot:


As the word "snapshot" implies, these are meant as development kernels
and have not been fully validated. You should expect issues and to help
us deliver a better kernel in the future, please file bugs in Launchpad at

The source tarball is available at:

The kernel sources can also be accessed using git at:
  tag: linux-linaro-3.3-2012.03-2

This kernel includes the following changes from the 2012.02 kernel:

- Update to 3.3

- Various patches from Linaro
  * Versatile Express patches from ARM LT
  * Gator module for ARM's Streamline Performance Ananlyzer from ARM LT
  * updated irq_domain patch set from Grant L.
  * cpuidle core consolidation, cpuidle support for i.MX5/6 and ST-E 
u8500 from PM WG
  * updated patch set support for common save and restore code to the
Samsung exynos platform from PM WG
  * updated thermal_cpu_cooling patch set from the power management WG
  * UFS patches from kernel WG
  * eMMC4.5 patches from kernel WG
  * initial dma-buf patch set and some related components for UMM

- AOSP 3.3 android patch set

A full change log against the 3.3 release is available at:

High Priority Known Issues:

- ANDROID_RAM_CONSOLE must be disabled for the android kernel to boot.

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