[Linaro-validation] Toolchain builds in LAVA

Paul Larson paul.larson at linaro.org
Wed Mar 28 15:20:35 UTC 2012

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:03 AM, Andrew Stubbs <andrew.stubbs at linaro.org>wrote:

> On 28/03/12 03:26, Michael Hope wrote:
>> Hi there.  The GCC build time is approaching 24 hours and our five
>> Panda boards can't keep up.  Sounds like a good time to LAVAise the
>> toolchain build process a bit more...
> As you know, I've been doing some experiments with this over the last few
> months. I was blocked by a LAVA bug for a while, but that's been fixed now.
> Here's the latest test run (done by Le Chi Thu):
> http://validation.linaro.org/**lava-server/dashboard/**permalink/bundle/**
> d73af579ed77957615bd3db2d9055d**82bb14299e/<http://validation.linaro.org/lava-server/dashboard/permalink/bundle/d73af579ed77957615bd3db2d9055d82bb14299e/>
> The test fails due to a GCC build failure:
> //usr/include/linux/errno.h:4:**23: fatal error: asm/errno.h: No such
> file or directory
> This surprised me, because I thought it was using the same rootfs you had
> on the ursa boards, but I've not had time to do anything about it yet.
Looks like something that can likely be resolved by adding a dependency for
the test.  However, if you need, or if it would be more convenient to have
a custom rootfs for this, that's certainly an option.  Nothing says we
necessarily have to run these tests on nano, developer, etc... but if it's
interesting to make it possible for later running this as part of a
platform release test, it might be better to make them generic so that they
don't depend on a custom rootfs.

Paul Larson
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