Config fragment for Versatile Express

Jon Medhurst (Tixy) tixy at
Sat Mar 31 09:17:36 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-03-30 at 10:15 -0700, John Stultz wrote:
> Right right right. I forgot with the new topic branch method, everything 
> based on mainline and not a tree Andrey maintains, so you don't have a 
> reference to the config tree.

Yes, Andrey's tree is a merge of all the LT and working group topics.

> In that case, just go ahead and push the full config to the config tree. 
> If we need to do have fullly-enabled vs upstream builds we can deal with 
> the warnings in the latter case (or maybe further split the board 
> configs into -upstream and -lt ?).

So this means Landing Teams should host the configs for their boards and
you will host the linaro-base, ubuntu and android fragments?

We almost certainly need board specific android and ubuntu fragments as
well, so I'll add vexpress-android.conf and vexpress-ubuntu.conf as
well. (Unless there is some magic to have conditional config options in
a fragment?)


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