CALL FOR TESTING: proposed enhancements for OMAP4

John Rigby john.rigby at
Wed Apr 20 22:20:13 UTC 2011

Nicolas, Andy:

I noticed this commit:

This introduces a defconfig version of Sebastien Jan's reference
config for Panda.

To use the defconfig, you need to use the following scheme to
expand it back to being a full config

 make ARCH=arm defconfig
 cat arch/arm/configs/omap4_defconfig >>.config
 make ARCH=arm oldnoconfig

>From Seb Jan about the original reference config -->

Note on OMAP3 based boards:
Deactivate OMAP3 based boards since their support has not been
integrated (some boards would not build).
Keep OMAP3 and ARCH_3430 because OMAP4 support is not yet properly
supported by configuration and dependencies (ex: v4l2, DSI)

Does that mean that with this tree we cannot have a single omap[34] kernel?


On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 11:58 AM, Nicolas Pitre
<nicolas.pitre at> wrote:
> Andy Green has worked on a set of patches adding many features to OMAP4
> such as HDMI audio/video, FM receiver, etc.  Before I merge that into
> the Linaro kernel tree I need some assurance that this won't break
> existing OMAP3 support, especially video.  The branch is available in
> the linux-linaro-2.6.38 Git repository on, in the
> "testing" branch.
> So please if you have an OMAP3 board and can perform some testing that
> would be appreciated.
> Nicolas
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