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Would you mind re-naming:






On 25 April 2011 15:24, Mounir Bsaibes <mounir.bsaibes at> wrote:
> I have created the UDS-session blueprints (blueprints to schedule the UDS
> sessions) as
> discussed in  the meeting this morning. Take a look at the sessions
> specially the ownership
> and make sure you agree, you will have to run the session at UDS if you are
> the assignee (owner).
> As it turned out, each major Technical Requirement will have one session,
> with the exception of k1
> where k1.1  (fix arm/linus interface)  will have 5 daily sessions. So, most
> of the sessions cover
> multiple topics,  you may need have to co-ordinate with others to run your
> session.
> Paul,
> you need to approve all these blueprints in order to start scheduling them.
> Grant,
> You have registered sessions for boot architecture and DT, please send me
> the blueprints links so I can add them to this table.
> Regards,
> Mounir
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