[ACTIVITY] (John Stultz) Dec 12th-16th

John Stultz john.stultz at linaro.org
Sat Dec 17 05:06:33 UTC 2011

=== Highlights ===
* Reworked ashmem patches that I've preped for staging per Arve's
feedback and resent the queue for acks. As soon as I get an ack, I'll
fold the patches down and send to Greg.

* Sent a small and simple evdev patch from Android to input maintainer
for feedback. This is the one patch outside of the ashmem patches I have
queued for staging that allows ICS to run on a staging-next kernel.

* Reworked the Android alarm-timer driver so it would be ready for
possible inclusion into staging. Its a little more awkward because its
very dependent on wakelocks. Sent out for feedback to Android developers
and Greg.

* Synced with Greg and others on what remains in common.git that has the
potential to go into staging.

* Re-sent Rafael the split out Android wakelock queue.

* Re-adding CONFIG_SCHED_MC options to 3.2 based Linaro+Android kernel.

* Helped Jesse with some git usage.

* Queued two RTC fixes for 3.2 and sent them to Thomas.

* Discussed vdso clock_gettime(CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME,...) implementation
issues with some of the facebook folks. This took a tangent into larger
discussion about timekeeping items like future support for CLOCK_TAI and
other issues like improved leap-second handling.

* Got a mail from Tim Bird on setting up a wider Android upstreaming
effort, trying to get a handle on who all is doing what in the
community. Sent him updates on what the Linaro team is doing and
GregKH's staging tree plans. Plans for a meeting at Connect including
non-linaro folks working on these issues is in progress.

* Spent a little bit of time on the fadvise volatile patches, and ran
into some potential ugly locking issues that I need to resolve.
Considering falling back to the lru approach the ashmem patch uses.

=== Plans ===
* Hopefully get final ack from Arve on ashmem patches and push those to

* Follow up on alarmtimer mending patches.

* Look into shmem_mmap alternative to using shmem_set_file in ashmem.

* More work on fadvise volatile implementation.

* Prep for the holidays

* Start actually acting as sub-lead for Kernel Android work (I've been
bad the last two weeks) and get a regular meeting planned.

=== Issues ===

* None.

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