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Hi Andy,

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Andy Green < at> wrote:

> Hi -
> TI Landing Team has added a couple of new trees to our git repo over the
> weekend
> tilt.git;a=summary<;a=summary>
> Both of them track Linus HEAD, currently at 3.1-rc8.
> First is "linaro-androidization-**tracking", this is Linus HEAD plus a set
> of Androidization patches formed from common-3.0 and common-3.1. "common-3.1
> you say?", yes, TI needed a tracking Androidization tree and have made their
> own public one using pieces from common-3.1.
> You can find TI's tree that was an ingredient in this here if you're
> interested, it's public
> git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/p-android-3.1<;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/p-android-3.1>
> Due to down, AFAIK there's no public access to
> common-3.1 direct otherwise at the moment.
> So what's this tree good for?  If you have a kernel for any arch or board
> that is based on Linus HEAD, 3.1-rc8 at the moment, you can merge or rebase
> a copy of it with linaro-androidization-tracking to create an Android
> version of the same kernel.
> That's very handy if you did your work to get stuff looking good on Vanilla
> Linus HEAD and don't want to repeat the effort to get the same features
> coming in an Android kernel.
> Until now there was no way to casually Androidize a Linus HEAD basis tree
> unless it happened common-3.x was tracking it, which it only does for a
> short period at the end.  It meant that you had to use old release to start
> integrating and adding drivers for Android and backport from HEAD anything
> nice that was coming.  Now with this tree, you can do your work on Linus
> HEAD and fork off working release trees when Linus HEAD goes through a
> release.
> This Androidization tree is generic and should be usable for any arch or
> board, there's nothing TI specific in there.  Why then is TI Landing team
> announcing it / TI go to the effort of creating their original one we based
> off?  Nobody else in Linaro wanted to do the work to create and maintain it,
> so we own it at the moment.  We'll have to see how tough it is to keep
> tracking Linus HEAD through the post-release patchstorm but reviewing the
> Androidization patchset I'm cautiously optimistic.
> I don't have any connection to Google guys who are basically doing the same
> work on common-3.x, but it would be very cool to be able to cooperate with
> them on bringing this Androidization patchset forward for everyone's
> benefit.
> The second branch is "tilt-android-tracking".  This is our main tracking
> branch tilt-tracking for Panda enablement we have been running for some
> months combined with "linaro-androidization-**tracking" above.
Sounds like an interesting approach to me. Will you try keep this running as
a pilot for one linus head cycle? I think that would give us good initial
data to decide how to do all this officially across the organization in

One thing that isn't entirely clear from what you describe is whether we
would do the forward porting for new linus HEAD versions on our own or if we
would wait until we get a first androidization from either google or our

This gets you an effective Panda enabled "3.1 preview" kernel that we have
> had for a while on Vanilla also on Android in an ongoing way.
> Current status of it is
>  + 1080p SGX acceleration
>  - Suspend borked
>  - WLAN borked
> But we only generated it Sunday, we are working on those issues now.
> Lastly TILT is also providing tracking versions of the Android autobuilt
> Panda-LEB tarballs that are ready to use.  These are the Autobuilt tarballs
> with the kernel replaced with a tracking one by us.  You can find them
> linked from our git repo in tilt-android-tracking column of the status table
> there.
Mid term I would very much like to see those builds coming out of the
android build system, going through LAVA, with results as part of our kernel
CI in the dashboard and so on...

What is holding you back from using the build service atm?

Alexander Sack
Technical Director, Linaro Platform Teams | Open source software for ARM SoCs!/linaroorg -
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