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Wed Oct 5 11:38:20 UTC 2011

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Andy Green < at> wrote:

> On 10/04/2011 10:36 PM, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Hi -
>     The second branch is "tilt-android-tracking".  This is our main
>>    tracking branch tilt-tracking for Panda enablement we have been
>>    running for some months combined with
>>    "linaro-androidization-__**tracking" above.
>> Sounds like an interesting approach to me. Will you try keep this
>> running as a pilot for one linus head cycle? I think that would give us
>> good initial data to decide how to do all this officially across the
>> organization in future.
> Yes that's my plan.  It should be at its worst after 3.1 release in terms
> of conflicts needing fixing for tracking, then at its worst around 3.2-rc7
> or whatever when next common shows up in terms of refreshing against its
> 'upstream' so to speak.  My experience with the TILT patchset and tracking
> suggests we can probably cope, but well we have to see what happens during
> that cycle.
>  One thing that isn't entirely clear from what you describe is whether we
>> would do the forward porting for new linus HEAD versions on our own or
>> if we would wait until we get a first androidization from either google
>> or our members?
> You're right it's a good question.  What I have in mind is not to leave the
> patchset as the current pile of semi-history patches all intermingled but
> impose topic-branch ordering on them.
> So for example, I was quite surprised to see so many patches on net core
> subsystem, lots on net / wireless subsystem too all through the series.  It
> would be interesting to re-order the patches so we had all the net core
> stuff in one layer, wireless-related stuff in another layer all together and
> so on, same way tilt-tracking is composed.  We don't have to get OCD about
> it and do everything, we can have a topic at the end with stuff contaminated
> from all directions and leave it like it is for now.  But I guess most
> patches will go into a topic if it is ordered correctly.
Thats an interesting idea. We should not miss the opportunity to discuss the
idea of reordering the patches with AOSP to see if they would be willing to
take/collaborate on such an effort. Can you kick off such discussion on AOSP
mailing lists?

>> What is holding you back from using the build service atm?
> Nothing on our side, in fact I have requested it.
> It just needs somebody to cut-and-paste the "panda-LEB" XML and change the
> kernel branch name to 'tilt-android-tracking'.  There was no ETA for it so I
> have rolled our own because I can't get official ones as it stands.  Ongoing
> official Linaro ones will be very welcome.
OK good. It's set up but we seem to have build issues; guess android team
will fix that later today:

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