[ACTIVITY] Week of August 29, September 5, 12 and 19

Nicolas Pitre nicolas.pitre at linaro.org
Fri Oct 21 04:05:09 UTC 2011

== Patch Review ==

* LED trigger series from Bryan Wu

* ARM kprobes test framework from Tixy

* Thumb2 build fixes for PXA/PJ4 iWMMXt code from Dave Martin

* Kbuild addition allowing code re-use across different directories from 
Arnaud Lacombe.  While this has value, it doesn't do what I need for the
DT append to zImage patch series.

* Per SoC descriptor patch series from Marc Zyngier (couple itterations)

* SMP preemption/task migration cache coherency fixups from George Davis

== Upstream Contributions ==

* Posted patch series to rework the low level UART debugging code on 
OMAP1, OMAP2 and Davinci.  Acked by Tony Lindgren and Kevin Hilman. This 
is a prerequisite to the mach/memory.h removal patch series.  Now in 
RMK's tree.

* Produced and posted a mach/memory.h removal patch series to clean up 
now redundant and unneeded code.  The summary stat is a net reduction of 
almost 1000 lines, and another step towards the ability to combine 
multiple SOCs in the same kernel binary. Now in RMK's tree.

* Reworked and posted the patch series for the appending of a device 
tree binary to the kernel zImage.  Non trivial cleanups to the kernel 
decompressor were required.  Now in RMK's tree.

* Reworked and posted patch series removing all instances of 
mach/vmalloc.h.  This also allowed for a common ioremap optimization 
where static mappings are reused whenever possible, allowing all 
machines to benefit instead of having special __arch_ioremap() 
implementations duplicated everywhere. Testing on Panda revealed 
problems due to reliance on implementation details with the OMAP version 
of __arch_ioremap() that this series replaces.  A plea for help to the 
OMAP guys produced all the necessary cleanups in record breaking time, 
however the dependencies on stuff queued for the v3.2 merge window are 
many. I therefore decided to postpone this series for the v3.3 merge 

* Initial work on the zreladdr cleanup/removal.

== Linaro Kernel Maintenance ==

* Merged the following in linux-linaro-3.1:

  - Thumb-2 undef handling fix for multi-CPU kernels from Dave Martin
  - ARM cpu topology definition from Vincent Guittot
  - RMK's devel-stable branch from Oct 17 that contains (among others):
    - runtime consistent dma size init from Tixy (single zImage topic)
    - boot_params to atag_offset transition from myself (single zImage topic)
    - ARM pmu/perf updates from Will Deacon
    - the ability to append a DT to zImage from myself and others
    - the ARM kprobes test infrastructure from Tixy
    - suspend/resume consolidation and cleanups from RMK
    - cpu pm notifiers on ARM from Colin Cross
  - MX51 cpuidle support from Robert Lee

* Merged the following in linux-linaro-3.0:

  - stable v3.0.5
  - SPI initialization fix for Dove
  - stable v3.0.7

* Tagged linux-linaro-3.1-2011.10-0, quickly followed by 
linux-linaro-3.1-2011.10-1.  Problems are being reported now (missing DT 
support patches) so another tag is likely in the near future.

== Miscellaneous ==

* Planning committee for the upcoming ARM subarchitecture workshop at 
Kernel Summit in Prague

* Trip arrangements and registrations for ARM workshop (Prague), ELC-E 
(Prague), and Linaro Connect (Orlando).

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