[ACTIVITY] (John Stultz) Jan 30 - Feb 3

John Stultz john.stultz at linaro.org
Sat Feb 4 00:57:53 UTC 2012

=== Highlights ===
* Sent android-alarm drivers to Greg for inclusion into staging. He's
currently changing employers, but said he's planning on merging them
into staging for 3.4.

* Worked on getting origen board booting with Android on a vanilla
3.3-rc kernel. Got close, even have boot console graphics working, but
for some reason gralloc is failing. Will try to work this out over

* Got Panda board ready for Android demo running on a (almost) vanilla
linux 3.3-rc2 kernel. Only required a single ~4 line patch.

* Spent a good chunk of the week trying to integrate the range-tree
implementation into fadvise volatile work. Unfortunately this was much
more difficult then I expected, and I had three or four false starts
that required entirely rearchitecting the approach each time. Almost
gave up, but finally last night I came up with a reasonable approach,
and have integrated a first pass. Wanted to send something out by
friday, but its just not well enough tested, so I'll hopefully get it
out next week.

* Sent out my 3.4 queue to tglx for merging.

* Reviewed a couple of ELC presentations and provided feedback.

* Ran email meeting for Android Kernel Sub-team

=== Plans ===

* Lots of connect stuff

* Finish and send out first working range-tree fadivse volatile

* Do presentation on merge_config.sh script

* Work on origen Android issues w/ vanilla kernel.

* Present on Linaro's Android upstreaming

=== Issues ===

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