[ACTIVITY] (John Stultz) Feb 20-24

john stultz johnstul at us.ibm.com
Sat Feb 25 01:20:15 UTC 2012

=== Highlights ===
* Finish writeup of android meeting summary got it reviewed and acked by
the participants and sent to lwn. Hoping it will be published this weds.

* Handled Android-subteam meeting

* Finally got to testing Rafael's wakelock patches on an x86 system.
Found an issue and reported it. Worked on getting suspend/resume working
on my panda board so I can test there, but so far no luck.

* Reviewed the released Android 3.3 tree from Google. Its much smaller,
which is great. Also they are using my alarm-timer cleanups, which might
help get those ready for mainline inclusion. We should note that the
release is really just a development snapshot, so its likey to change a

* Sent some email to Colin Cross about cgroup patches that I thought he
was going to drop, but he explained why they were still necessary.

* Met with Mark Gross of Intel (also a Portlander) who's name came up
during the Android meeting with regards to runtime pm vs wakelocks.
Talked to him a bit about his thoughts on wakelocks and talked about
what went on at the Android meeting. 

* Started looking at what is required to get ADB into staging

=== Plans ===
* Continue working on testing Rafael's wakelocks & try to integrate them
with the alarmtimer work

* Get some time to work on another iteration of fadvise volatile 

=== Issues ===
* NA

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