[Linaro-mm-sig] Minutes from V4L2 update call

Sumit Semwal sumit.semwal at linaro.org
Thu Mar 29 09:33:19 UTC 2012

Hi Kiko,

On 28 March 2012 20:35, Christian Robottom Reis <kiko at linaro.org> wrote:
> Hi there,
>    Quick action review:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 04:17:12PM +0100, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
>> >     Topic: dmabuf importer from V4L2
>> >         For sharing with DRM do not need exporter
>> >         Need some patches added to DRM
>> >             prime
>> >             prime for Exynos
>> >             drm-prime
>> >                 ACTION: Tomasz to check with Inki Dae and David A. on
>> >                 status
> Inki, Tomasz, are you happy with the latest posting -- i.e. does this
> look sensible and useful for the V4L and display controller work?
>> >             Also wants to see tested with V4L driver
>> >                 virtual drivers also supporting dma-buf
>> >                 wants both importer and exporter?
>> >                 ACTION: Sumit to look into VV driver used for v4l2 testing
>> >                     needs importer and exporter
> Sumit, Tomasz: have you two synced up on this?
I hadn't started yet, and saw a mail from Tomasz that he's already
started. Like he mentioned in his mail, he's having some problem since
vivi is a virtual driver. We'll discuss potential solutions soon.
>> I don't really have work that I can push forward in parallel. My point
>> was that the modifications to the V4L2 API and the implementation in
>> videobuf2 are two separate tasks that should be pushed forward in
>> parallel (extending the V4L2 API takes quite a lot of time in my
>> experience, our developers like nit- picking on the mailing list when
>> they review the documentation - which I consider as a good thing, just
>> for the record).
> Laurent, is there an action here to kick off the discussion of the V4L2
> API changes (which I don't understand current status of very well)?
>> >         Sumit: we have a new 3.3-WIP branch
>> >             Rob could use that as a base and put DRM updates on it
>> >                 ACTION: Rob to pull in changes and update demonstration
> I think Rob's said he'd have time to look at this in a week or two so I
> won't inquire on this.
>> >                 Rob: what camera does Mauro have?
>> >                     On the Samsung SDK, M5MOLS
>> >                 Mauro does have a Pandaboard with ov5650 camera but
>> >                     needs setting up and potential hardware mod
>> >                     ACTION: Mauro to take picture of setup for Sumit
> Mauro probably still needs the Panda set up at least, or an up-to-date
> Samsung board. Can either of you provide him something to make testing
> this work easier? If you have someone I should ask inside the company
> just let me know -- if you don't reply I'll assume I need to go and ask
> the Linaro member contact.
Unfortunately I couldn't clearly understand from his description about
the connector; I can send him a couple of pics of how it should fit,
and hopefully that'd be that.
For the record: I guess there are total 3 parts - 1. connector to be
soldered onto the board, 2. the adapter PCB, and 3. the sensor itself.
I will send the pics to him directly.
>> >         Without Russell's acceptance can't go forward with ARM-related
>> >             pieces
>> >             ACTION: Kiko to check with Nicolas on this piece, see if he
>> >                 can review or help Marek with the ARM-related pieces
> Still waiting for Nico on this one..
>> >     Tomasz could use the 3.3-WIP branch
>> >         Sumit: rebasing not a good idea, but could pull in for-next
>> >             Suggests Tomasz bases work on Linus' mainline
>> >                 Had problems with Tomasz' branch that is based on -next
>> >             His branch includes Tomasz RFCv2 patches as well
>> >         Laurent: agree with Sumit
>> >             ACTION: Sumit to email Tomasz and CC: Inki Dae
>> >             ACTION: send around latest drm-prime branch
> Tomasz, Inki: are you happy with this?
> Thanks,
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