[Linaro-mm-sig] Minutes from V4L2 update call

InKi Dae daeinki at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 17:13:11 UTC 2012

Hi, Kiko

2012년 3월 29일 오전 12:05, Christian Robottom Reis <kiko at linaro.org>님의 말:
> Hi there,
>    Quick action review:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 04:17:12PM +0100, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
>> >     Topic: dmabuf importer from V4L2
>> >         For sharing with DRM do not need exporter
>> >         Need some patches added to DRM
>> >             prime
>> >             prime for Exynos
>> >             drm-prime
>> >                 ACTION: Tomasz to check with Inki Dae and David A. on
>> >                 status
> Inki, Tomasz, are you happy with the latest posting -- i.e. does this
> look sensible and useful for the V4L and display controller work?
>> >             Also wants to see tested with V4L driver
>> >                 virtual drivers also supporting dma-buf
>> >                 wants both importer and exporter?
>> >                 ACTION: Sumit to look into VV driver used for v4l2 testing
>> >                     needs importer and exporter
> Sumit, Tomasz: have you two synced up on this?
>> I don't really have work that I can push forward in parallel. My point
>> was that the modifications to the V4L2 API and the implementation in
>> videobuf2 are two separate tasks that should be pushed forward in
>> parallel (extending the V4L2 API takes quite a lot of time in my
>> experience, our developers like nit- picking on the mailing list when
>> they review the documentation - which I consider as a good thing, just
>> for the record).
> Laurent, is there an action here to kick off the discussion of the V4L2
> API changes (which I don't understand current status of very well)?
>> >         Sumit: we have a new 3.3-WIP branch
>> >             Rob could use that as a base and put DRM updates on it
>> >                 ACTION: Rob to pull in changes and update demonstration
> I think Rob's said he'd have time to look at this in a week or two so I
> won't inquire on this.
>> >                 Rob: what camera does Mauro have?
>> >                     On the Samsung SDK, M5MOLS
>> >                 Mauro does have a Pandaboard with ov5650 camera but
>> >                     needs setting up and potential hardware mod
>> >                     ACTION: Mauro to take picture of setup for Sumit
> Mauro probably still needs the Panda set up at least, or an up-to-date
> Samsung board. Can either of you provide him something to make testing
> this work easier? If you have someone I should ask inside the company
> just let me know -- if you don't reply I'll assume I need to go and ask
> the Linaro member contact.
>> >         Without Russell's acceptance can't go forward with ARM-related
>> >             pieces
>> >             ACTION: Kiko to check with Nicolas on this piece, see if he
>> >                 can review or help Marek with the ARM-related pieces
> Still waiting for Nico on this one..
>> >     Tomasz could use the 3.3-WIP branch
>> >         Sumit: rebasing not a good idea, but could pull in for-next
>> >             Suggests Tomasz bases work on Linus' mainline
>> >                 Had problems with Tomasz' branch that is based on -next
>> >             His branch includes Tomasz RFCv2 patches as well
>> >         Laurent: agree with Sumit
>> >             ACTION: Sumit to email Tomasz and CC: Inki Dae
>> >             ACTION: send around latest drm-prime branch
> Tomasz, Inki: are you happy with this?

if doing so, It would be very useful for me. we are working on
updating Exynos specific drm prime feature with latest dmabuf and drm
prime codes posted recently and that would be tested with v4l2 side
including dmabuf featue soon.

Inki Dae

> Thanks,
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