GCC PRE patch; apply or not?

Ulrich Weigand Ulrich.Weigand at de.ibm.com
Mon Aug 2 15:31:16 BST 2010

Andrew Stubbs <ams at codesourcery.com> wrote:

> CS has this patch in SG++:
> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2008-12/msg00199.html
> This patch improves code size in a useful, target independent way, but
> was not committed upstream. It's not clear why. Since the patch does not
> belong to CodeSourcery, we can't upstream it ourselves either.

Steven asked: "What do you folks think of this patch?"
and the only answer was by Richi: "I think it's reasonable."

So I'm not sure why it didn't go in.  Maybe we should just ping Steven?

> Is that patch a suitable candidate for Linaro GCC?
> It is not upstreamable due to copyright issues, but we have a policy
> that we can keep such patches, if we wish.

What copyright issues?  Steven ought to have an assignment in place ...

> The principle of not letting Linaro and SG++ diverge too far also
> suggests keeping it.
> Any thoughts? If nobody objects soon I shall merge it in.

Since there don't appear to be any fundamental objections to inclusion
of the patch into mainline, and since the patch doesn't introduce any
user-visible feature (like syntax extensions or command line options)
that could cause build breaks for users if it were to go away after all,
I would say this patch is fine for us ...

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