Multiarch paths and toolchain implications

Ulrich Weigand Ulrich.Weigand at
Mon Aug 2 17:22:45 BST 2010

Loïc Minier <loic.minier at> wrote:

> > I understood you to propose an alternative solution that would keep the
> > old ELF interpreter name (/lib/ embedded in executables, and
> > keep them working by installing some "common" loader at this location.
>  Ah no, I intended us to move to /lib/$(multiarch)/, but for
>  compatibility with executables from other distros and pre-multiarch
>  world, we need to provide /lib/ld* loaders.

OK, I see.

>  And since the current
>  /lib/ld* names clash across architectures, I was proposing to replace
>  /lib/ld* with a clever wrapper that calls the proper
>  /lib/$(multiarch)/ depending on the architecture of the ELF file
>  to load.

So now we get back to my original question: what file type would that
"clever wrapper" be?  The kernel can only load an ELF interpreter that is
itself an ELF file of the native architecture, so that wrapper would
have to be that.  However, this means that we've once again violated
multiarch rules ...

If we have to install different native versions of the clever wrapper,
we might just as well install the original native ELF interpreters --
that's neither better nor worse from a multiarch rules perspective.

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