Bootstrapping cross compiler status

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at
Wed Aug 4 16:48:11 BST 2010

Dnia piątek, 16 lipca 2010 o 16:59:46 Marcin Juszkiewicz napisał(a):
> As you probably know I am working on bootstrapping cross compiler. Process
> is described on page.
> Current status is: nearly done.

I have 12 bugs to be merged but hope to solve it in next week.

If someone wants to bootstrap compiler then I have a new procedure.

1. You need to fetch few branches (select one gcc version):


2. Need patches for linux source package:

3. Fetch current Ubuntu versions (select gcc-4.4 or gcc-4.5):

apt-get source -o APT::Get::Only-Source=1 linux gcc-4.4 eglibc binutils

4. Apply changes (from branches or patches for linux). This can be more time

5. Build "binary-indep" for each component to get -source binary packages.
6. Eglibc requires hack to get unpatched sources in -source package. Apply 
   attached "eglibc-hack.patch" - should help.
7. Install all -source packages in your system. This will give their debian/
   directories which will be re-used during bootstrap.

8. "make all" with attached Makefile

No warranty that it will work for you as I could forget something. If 
everything will go fine "build-rootfs" directory will contain cross compiler.

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