Toolchain WG - 2010-08-17 meeting minutes

Julian Brown julian at
Tue Aug 17 12:11:05 BST 2010

(Re-sending to linaro-toolchain at, since I
accidentally haven't been subscribed to that. Whoops!)

On Tue, 17 Aug 2010 11:00:13 +0100
Peter Maydell <peter.maydell at> wrote:

> On 16 August 2010 23:07, Michael Hope <michael.hope at> wrote:
> > -- Julian Brown
> > == GCC 4.5 vectorization improvements ==
> >
> >  * Started tracking down the causes of some failures in vect.exp:
> > pr43430-1.c failed because of missing vector comparison support.
> > This seemed relatively straightforward to implement using NEON
> > instructions, so I had a go at doing that. Similarly another test
> > fails (vect-35.c) because of missing support for widening/narrowing
> > patterns, though I'm still investigating a fix for that.
> A colleague has just noticed this status entry and asked me to mention
> that ARM is actually working on this already; we have some patches
> currently on the go, which we expect to post an initial version of
> upstream sometime this week. So it's probably better to wait for
> those rather than duplicating effort in this area.

OK, thanks for letting me know. Do you know if ARM is working on
patches addressing both those failures, or only one of them? Is ARM
working on anything else vectorizer-related? I agree that it doesn't
make sense to be duplicating effort!


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