Standup meeting minutes 2010-07-16

Andrew Stubbs ams at
Mon Jul 19 08:04:35 BST 2010

On 19/07/10 03:51, Yao Qi wrote:
> Some clarifications here,
>>   * Yao
>>   * merging internal CSL 4.4 patches into 4.5
> I am merging CSL 4.4 patches into CSL 4.5, rather than linaro gcc 4.5.  I think
> some patches should go to linaro gcc 4.5 also, but I'll check with Andrew/Julian
> first to make sure my understanding is correct.


I began looking at what patches to push up to Linaro last week. I intend 
to continue that and get the first few done this week, but since I'm in 
Prague most of this week it might get delayed.


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