[ACTIVITY] November 22nd-28th

Julian Brown julian at codesourcery.com
Mon Nov 29 15:29:03 UTC 2010

== Linaro GCC ==

 * Finished testing patch for lp675347 (QT inline-asm atomics), and
send upstream for comments (no response yet). Suggested reverting a
patch (which enabled -fstrict-volatile-bitfields by default on ARM)
locally for Ubuntu in the bug log.

 * Continued working on NEON quad-word vectors/big-endian patch. This
turned out to be slightly fiddlier than I expected: I think I now have
semantics which make sense, though my patch requires (a) slight
middle-end changes, and (b) workarounds for unexpected combiner
behaviour re: subregs & sign/zero-extend ops. I will send a new version
of the patch to linaro-toolchain fairly soon for comments.

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