NEON vectorization improvements - preliminary notes

Andrew Stubbs ams at
Wed Sep 15 10:50:46 BST 2010

On 15/09/10 10:37, Julian Brown wrote:
> The "vect256" branch now has a vectorization factor argument for
> UNITS_PER_SIMD_WORD (allowing selection of different vector sizes).
> Patches to support that would need backporting to 4.5 if that looks
> useful. Could investigate the feasibility of doing that.

Backports to 4.5 would indeed be nice, but the target here is to improve 
vectorization upstream.

Also, the list in the task was just ideas to get started on, there's no 
reason to limit investigations to that list, if it turns out to be 
incomplete - it's not like it was written with any real effort.


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