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Dear Dave Martin,

In message <AANLkTi=3GCRv00HRA=aXzrV1XxJTcBAV=2H_QeTR0=2R at> you wrote:
> >> non-interworking branch. ld has no way the veneer needs to be PIC and
> >> use the GOT, so it isn't and doesn't.
> >
> > Stupid question: why not?
> Because U-Boot doesn't build PIC for ARM (I notice it does for some
> other arches).

You are referring to old code. John explitly mentioned that he was
working on the "next" branch, which has this:

	# needed for relocation

Note that BEFORE commit f1d2b31 ("ARM: add relocation support") we
did not see such issues (at least I never did, and my underwstanding
is that John didn't either).

Best regards,

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