LAVA recipe

Andrew Stubbs ams at
Fri Nov 4 21:21:29 UTC 2011

On 03/11/11 18:08, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
> 5. Create a personal test stream to store your test results:
>    This may not be necessary if you wish to post your results to one of the
>    existing streams on
>    lava-dashboard-tool make-stream \
>         --dashboard-url  \
>         /anonymous/USERNAME/

An "anonymous" stream may have a personal name, but is open to anybody 
for both read and write (IIUC).

Other types of stream:

* User writeable, public readable

   lava-dashboard-tool make-stream \
        --dashboard-url \

* User readable/writeable only

   lava-dashboard-tool make-stream \
        --dashboard-url \

(Note the https, not http, and user id in the URLs. The trailing '/' on 
the stream name is also required.)

I think there are also /private/group/... stream types (or will be)?


The important thing for us is that tests submitted to /private/personal 
streams will be invisible to other users and are suitable for benchmark 
results. :)

BUT the jobs *will* be visible in the scheduler (for the moment) so we 
have to be careful that no confidential information leaks into the json 
file or the serial port output. Basically we have to redirect the 
results into a file on the target.

I have yet to find out how to scan the results from the private file, 
but I'm told it's possible. I'll post it here when I found out ...


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