plans for QEMU support for KVM on ARM

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at
Tue Nov 22 14:44:10 UTC 2011

This email is just a quick summary of what we (Linaro) are
planning in the way of QEMU work to support KVM on ARM Cortex-A15.
The idea is to let people know what's coming up, find out if we've
forgotten anything, and avoid people duplicating work unnecessarily.
Most of this is based on a useful session at the recent 'ARM server
mini-summit' in Orlando (UDS/Linaro Connect) at the beginning of
this month.

The work we're currently proposing to do falls into three parts:

 * refactor QEMU's cp15 register handling

At the moment QEMU handles cp15 accesses by calling out to a single
helper function which is an enormous set of nested switch statements
to handle the different coprocessor registers. Access permissions are
checked separately at translate time. This design makes specifying
board-dependent or cpu-dependent registers somewhat painful; it's also
easy for the access permission checks to be out of sync. There is no
support for banked cp15 registers either (needed for trustzone and
virtualisation). We need a better design which lets a board or core
register handler routines for cp15 registers. This will make the code
cleaner and more maintainable as a base for new features.

This isn't strictly a requirement for KVM, but we're going to want
KVM to be able to hand off cp15 accesses to QEMU, and I don't think
that's going to be maintainable or reliable without this refactoring.


 * A15 system model

Basically a QEMU model of a Versatile-Express with a Cortex-A15
minus the virtualization and LPAE extensions. This needs the
A15 private peripherals (just the GIC in the right place in
the memory map, really; generic timer not required) and the
new memory map version of the vexpress board model, plus some
new cp15 registers. (Bill Carson has already done some patches
in this area but they need a little rework and may have minor
missing pieces.)

 * miscellaneous integration work

We're aiming for a reasonable working prototype of A15 guest on
an A15 Fast Model host here; we need to fix at least some of
the bugs which currently mean upstream QEMU doesn't work on ARM hosts,
sort out which kernel and qemu trees we are developing from, and
get things running in our validation lab's continuous integration

Also on the radar is a fourth piece of work:

 * QEMU virtio-mmio support

This is adding support for the 'mmio' virtio transport, which will
allow virtio support in a versatile-express model. We're going to
need this at some point but the current thought is that we want
to do the above listed more important bits of work first...
(The exception would probably be if it turned out that this was
sufficiently useful for making early KVM development easier)

So, questions:
(1) did we forget something important?
(2) is anybody else already planning to do any of this (or would
like to start)? if so we should coordinate...
(3) is there anything that the kernel folk need/want earlier
rather than later?

-- PMM

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