[ACTIVITY] 26th - 30th September

Andrew Stubbs andrew_stubbs at mentor.com
Mon Oct 3 11:09:45 UTC 2011

* Vacation

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Continued work on my constant reuse optimizations. Disappointingly, I've 
found that there are very few optimization opportunities in EEMBC 
(ARM/Thumb V7-A), although it's not difficult to write testcases that 
the optimization could improve. I also discovered that the data-flow 
chains don't work exactly how I thought (with respect to if-then-else 
cases) so I need to do a little more work.

Pinged the native tuning patches; they're still waiting for upstream review.

Still can't get the generic tuning work done as the CodeSourcery panda 
boards appear to be still offline.

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