[ACTIVITY] 2011-10-14

David Gilbert david.gilbert at linaro.org
Fri Oct 14 17:36:56 UTC 2011

== 64 bit atomics ==
  * Thanks to Ramana for OKing my gcc patches; and Richard for
committing them - I've backported these to the gcc-linaro branch
    and pushed it - hopefully those will pass OK!

== String routines ==
  * Sent my memchr patch to upstream newlib, received comments,
tweeked, and resent
  * Sent strlen patch to upstream newlib
  * Spent some time getting confused by timing issues on our Panda; it
got reinstalled with 11.09 a few
weeks ago and is now showing some odd behaviours.  In particular I'm
seeing some tests show completion in 0ns
(and my code isn't -that- fast!), and others where the times vary
wildly - it's almost as if a timer interrupt is delayed
or missing; my same test  binary works fine on one of Michael's Ursa's
running an older install.

== QEMU ==
  * Tested Peters QEMU image for release

== Other ==
  * Spent an afternoon reading through the System trace docs

On holiday next week; I'll poll email occasionally.


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