Zhenqiang Chen zhenqiang.chen at linaro.org
Tue Oct 25 03:27:20 UTC 2011

> mkedwards has these scripted up at:
>  https://github.com/mkedwards/crosstool-ng/tree/master/scripts/build/companion_libs
> We should add these in upstream.  I'd rather focus on GCC first, get
> that out as a prototype, then add GDB.

I tried tried mkedwards's extention. The GDB-cross can build.

> GCC and similar ship with a copy of zlib.  I wonder if we should use that?

zlib is used to build binutils, which is built before GCC.

If you install a 32-bit binary toolchain on 64-bit system, you might
have link error. By default, there is no 32-bit zlib on 64-bit system.
You have to  install 32-bit zlib manually.

>>  (3) Currently, the embedded toolchain source packages are released
>> as a tarball, which includes gcc, gmp, etc. New scripts are required
>> to support it.
> We should check what needs to be done to meet the licenses.  All of
> the tarballs used in building the binary are in .build/taraballs.

I will add scripts to copy the tarballs to .build/tarballs.

>>  (4) To make sure the toolchain can run with lower version glibc like
>> redhat4/5, the embedded toolchain requires lower version native
>> gcc4.3.6 to build it.
> Why is this?  The RHEL 5 GCC 4.1 builds the glibc compiler just fine.

There is no problem if users build and run the toolchain on the same platform.

We expect users can install and use the binary toolchain on systems
without rebuilding it.
E.g. If we build toolchain on Ubuntu 10.4, can users use it on RHEL4?

In fact, users had reported bugs about this issue.

The official release of embedded toolchain is built by gcc-4.3.6 on


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