[ACTIVITY] weekly status

Ken Werner ken.werner at linaro.org
Fri Feb 3 18:51:28 UTC 2012


  * reviewed small patch from T. R. of Nokia who provided a bugfix
    when searching for unwind table entry for an IP

* build the OE-core images (minimal, sato and qt4e) with -O1 and -O0
   * collected the ELF size and memory footprint and updated the charts
* encountered an issue when compiling Qt 4.8.0 using -O0. It causes 
qdbusviewer fail to link
   because an .LTHUNK symbol survives
   * tested various compilers and optimization levels and
     noticed that the .LTHUNK symbols do also survive with higher 
optimization levels
   * only the Linaro and ARM CSL toolchains seem to be affected
     (FSF trunk, 46branch and 46release seem to work)
   * provided a reduced testcase and opened lp #924726
* Linaro cc1 emits undefined label when using -fPIC -Os (lp #924889)
   * already fixed upstream, Ramana is backporting to Linaro GCC
* look into the external-toolchain branch from C. Larson:
   and tested it against CSL 2011.03 -> works fine
* started to document:


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