[ACTIVITY] Feb 20 - Feb 24

Thiago Jung Bauermann thiago.bauermann at linaro.org
Mon Feb 27 18:20:42 UTC 2012


GDB on Android:
* Set up cross compiling environment using both the Android toolchain
  the Linaro toolchain.
* Tested Android and Mozilla GDB running as a native binary on the
  Linaro Android image on qemu. None of them were able to see all
  threads in a multi-threaded process. The same happens with a native
  binary on Android talking to a gdbserver on localhost.
* I was able to produce an Android GDB 7.1.x binary which when running
  on an i386 host talking to the Android SDK emulator sees all threads.
  It is not able to generate a backtrace though.
* Carnival holidays.

Thiago Jung Bauermann
Linaro Toolchain Working Group

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