Building Linaro GCC from source

Andrew Stubbs andrew.stubbs at
Sun Jan 8 20:27:01 UTC 2012

On 07/01/12 05:31, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> Before trying to compile I've installed the libgmp, libmpfr and arm
> cross tool-chain [2] Fedora packages so I guess all gcc dependencies are
> met (binutils, glibc, etc).

If you can build a native compiler then you have all the support library 
dependencies you need.

binutils and glibc are a different matter though. Before you can compile 
a cross compiler you need to have a matching cross-binutils installed 
and on the path. That's not too hard to build though.

Unfortunately, you also need a copy of glibc built for ARM (i.e. not the 
x86 host glibc), and you can't build that until you have a compiler, but 
you can't build that without glibc, but .... it's a chicken and egg 
problem. There *is* a solution to this problem, but it's slightly 
involved, and at the end you still don't have all the other useful 
libraries installed so you struggle to build real-world applications. I 
suggest you install a copy of the ARM root-filesystem, and configure gcc 
to use it as a "sysroot".

Hope that helps


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