[ACTIVITY] Week 02

Zhenqiang Chen zhenqiang.chen at linaro.org
Mon Jan 16 03:46:22 UTC 2012

* Enhance crosstool-ng build process.

1. crosstool-ng patches:
  * Reproduce the build process by following the README and enhance
the document.
  * Update .config to strip all toolchain executables
  * Replace harded-coded VERSION by reading config file.
  * Remove host libiberty.a
  * Patch on how to strip debug sections is in discussion.

2. Update the crosstool-ng based embedded toolchain build scripts
according to the review comments. And replace most of hard-coded
config by reading them from .config.

3. Unexpected build fail for gcc 4.7/trunk from crosstool-ng due to
unsupported ENDIAN_LDFLAG "-EL", which is used in "LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET"
to build libstdc++. (LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET seams not used in gcc 4.6).
Need more investigation.

* Fix the binary build related bugs.
* Ramp-up on gcc.

Planned Absence:
* Jan 21-29, 2012 Chinese Spring Festival

Best regards!

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