OpenEmbedded blueprints

Ken Werner ken.werner at
Tue Mar 20 08:52:30 UTC 2012

On 03/13/2012 04:14 AM, Michael Hope wrote:
> Hi Ken.  I've made a meta-linaro project on Launchpad and created the
> near term blueprints.  See:

Hi Michael,

The blueprints are looking good to me - thanks. As for the priorities - 
I think it would be nice to use Linaro QEMU to boot the images. It's 
probably easy to integrate. So, we may want to spent the time on picking 
low hanging fruits. If it turns out to be more complex than expected we 
could lower its priority again.

What the blueprints not reflect is the time/work for maintaining the 
layer and I'm not sure whether they should. But I'd like to rebase 
against a current OE-core every now and then and adjust meta-linaro if 
needed. Most of this could be run in a semi-automatic fashion but 
debugging arising issues usually takes some time. For example right now 
there is a newly introduced recipe for bdwgc (the Hans Boehm garbage 
collector which is needed by guile) and it turns out that it uses a 
version of libatomic that will fail when building in Thumb mode. Often 
these are known or solved problems as far as upstream is concerned but 
they need to be discussed/integrated/workaround with/into/by OE-Core.

> You're almost done with the initial layer work.  Next is scripting up
> the build and integrating with LAVA followed by turning on the build
> for other architectures.

Yep, what's currently missing is to automate the image boot using QEMU 
but that should be doable (similar to the solution I did for automating 
the extraction of the memory footprint from the various images using 
named pipes to communicate with the guest).

> I've dropped the build in the cloud investigation.  Let's use
> tcserver01 as it works and is fast enough.  Keep an eye on the
> validation lab cloud the Validation guys are talking about - we might
> shift there later.

Alright - fine with me.

> I've sent the draft card to Loïc who will massage the text and get it
> on the TSC agenda.  The current blueprints focus on toolchain
> validation and come to a hard stop past there.  Once we have TSC
> approval we can go further and talk with the Platforms guys about who
> does what.



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