[Linaro-validation] a7/a15 kernels for fast models in lava

Paul Larson paul.larson at linaro.org
Mon Feb 13 20:54:02 UTC 2012

Hi, I wanted to sync up on where things are with this, and as I understand,
there's some confusion still about how we should get the available kernel
and/or images for testing fast models.

First off, it seems there is no way to just take a kernel .axf as we
thought because the boot args are wrapped into it as well.  Is there really
no way to inject that stuff after build time?

Is it worth revisiting whether we should have proper hwpacks for fast
models?  I know there's the 2G max sd size issue with that, but if that's
something arm can fix, or if we have another way around it, would that help?

Finally, I feel like we've chased a pretty messy route to get fast models
supported here, which will ultimately break completely when we try to get
android running also.  Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but it seems
the "recommended" approach is currently:
lava takes as input: git tree for the kernel we want to build, defconfig to
use, and rootfs tarball
lava builds the kernel (lava doesn't do this currently, complicating things
for us quite a bit - would be better if this step could be done externally,
like in jenkins where we do the kernel ci builds)
lava pushes the build axf to another system where we have the fast models
software installed, provisions the rootfs for booting over nfs
lava boots the system under fast models on this other machine, runs tests,
gathers results, etc

Is that pretty close Zygmunt? Is there something more straightforward and
less fragile that we can do here?

Paul Larson
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