[Linaro-validation] a7/a15 kernels for fast models in lava

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at linaro.org
Mon Feb 13 23:05:46 UTC 2012

On 13 February 2012 22:43, Paul Larson <paul.larson at linaro.org> wrote:
> I think you misunderstood what I'm getting at.  What I'm suggesting is that
> there should just be a proper hwpack for vexpress-a7/15+fastmodel.  This
> wouldn't have to be supported forever, just until we have real hardware that
> can be used.

A hwpack supporting the fast model would be good, but my understanding
of the workflow to use it would be:
 (1) use l-m-c to turn hwpack+rootfs into sd card image
 (2) unpack kernel and initrd from sd card image
 (3) boot on model using split kernel+initrd and the sd card image

> My understanding from the discussion before is that this would
> be possible, but might require some modifications to the bootloader.

I'm not sure what bootloader you're talking about here. When booting
a kernel on fast models there is no boot loader involved (this is why
we have the boot-wrapper code).

> If ARM can fix the 2GB limit, then what that means is *if* we someday need
> to test using a larger image, we can. But for now, it doesn't seem to be
> critical.  I did mention this to Roger at the connect, but I'll also pursue
> this further with ARM just in case.

The reason to file feature requests formally is that the fast models
are produced by a completely different part of ARM from that which
Roger is in charge of. Obviously he can raise things internally if
necessary [and it is worth keeping him in the loop] but mostly you're
just adding a longer and lossier channel for the information :-)

-- PMM

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