Linux-stable-mirror April 2020
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backport request for use-after-free blk_mq_queue_tag_busy_iter
by Giuliano Procida
4 years

[PATCH] pci: Fixes MaxPayloadSize (MPS) programming for RCiEP devices.
by Ashok Raj
4 years

[PATCH] drm: avoid spurious EBUSY due to nonblocking atomic modesets
by Daniel Vetter
4 years

[PATCH 4.9 00/21] Backported fixes taken from Sony's Vendor tree
by Lee Jones
4 years

[PATCH 03/12] lpfc: Fix broken Credit Recovery after driver load
by James Smart
4 years

[PATCH 5.4.33 0/2] Fix for long operation cmds busy detection
by Sowjanya Komatineni
4 years

[PATCH v2 0/2] Replace and improve "mcsafe" with copy_safe()
by Dan Williams
4 years

[PATCH] drm: Fix page flip ioctl format check
by Ville Syrjala
4 years

[PATCH v3 3/9] mtd: rawnand: onfi: Fix redundancy detection check
by Miquel Raynal
4 years

[PATCH v4 1/7] ima: Switch to ima_hash_algo for boot aggregate
by Roberto Sassu
4 years
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