Linux-stable-mirror July 2022
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[PATCH stable 5.10 0/3] dm: fix nullptr crash
by Yu Kuai
6 minutes

warning: stable kernel rule is not satisfied
by kernel test robot
46 minutes

[PATCH MANUALSEL 5.18 1/6] KVM: x86: do not report a vCPU as preempted outside instruction boundaries
by Sasha Levin
1 day, 13 hours

[PATCH] usb: typec: altmodes/displayport: correct pin assignment for UFP receptacles
by Macpaul Lin
3 days, 23 hours

[PATCH] x86/fpu: Allow PKRU to be (once again) written by ptrace.
by Kyle Huey
4 days, 10 hours

FAILED: patch "[PATCH] x86/speculation: Make all RETbleed mitigations 64-bit only" failed to apply to 5.10-stable tree
4 days, 15 hours

[PATCH] bluetooth: Add another Bluetooth part for Realtek 8852AE
by Larry Finger
5 days, 11 hours

[PATCH] mtd: rawnand: atmel: Unmap streaming DMA mappings
by Tudor Ambarus
5 days, 16 hours

[PATCH] usb: typec: ucsi: Acknowledge the GET_ERROR_STATUS command completion
by Linyu Yuan
5 days, 20 hours

[PATCH v5] ufs: core: correct ufshcd_shutdown flow
6 days, 4 hours
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