Linux-stable-mirror May 2024
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Re: Bluetooth kernel BUG with Intel AX211 (regression in 6.1.83)
by Linux regression tracking (Thorsten Leemhuis)
3 weeks, 4 days

[PATCH AUTOSEL 5.10 1/7] drm/amd/display: Exit idle optimizations before HDCP execution
by Sasha Levin
3 weeks, 4 days

Re: Kernel 5.15.150 black screen with AMD Raven/Picasso GPU
by Armin Wolf
3 weeks, 5 days

[PATCH] net: usb: ax88179_178a: fix link status when link is set to down/up
by Jose Ignacio Tornos Martinez
4 weeks, 1 day

[PATCH 6.6 000/301] 6.6.31-rc1 review
by Greg Kroah-Hartman
4 weeks, 1 day

FAILED: patch "[PATCH] iommu/dma: Trace bounce buffer usage when mapping buffers" failed to apply to 5.15-stable tree
4 weeks, 1 day

[PATCH] Revert "vmgenid: emit uevent when VMGENID updates"
by Jason A. Donenfeld
1 month

[PATCH] drm/amdkfd: handle duplicate BOs in reserve_bo_and_cond_vms
by Alex Deucher
1 month

[PATCH] Input: try trimming too long modalias strings
by Jason Andryuk
1 month

[PATCH] f2fs: fix to force buffered IO on inline_data inode
by Chao Yu
1 month
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