Linux-kselftest-mirror April 2021
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[PATCH v4] KVM: x86: Fix KVM_GET_CPUID2 ioctl to return cpuid entries count
by Valeriy Vdovin
2 years, 4 months

[PATCH] selftests: kvm: remove reassignment of non-absolute variables
by Bill Wendling
2 years, 4 months

Subject: [PATCH 0/1] SGX self test fails
by Tim Gardner
2 years, 4 months

[PATCH 2/2] lib/test: convert lib/test_list_sort.c to use KUnit
by Daniel Latypov
2 years, 4 months

[PATCH v2] kbuild: replace LANG=C with LC_ALL=C
by Masahiro Yamada
2 years, 5 months

[PATCH v4] selftests/mincore: get readahead size for check_file_mmap()
by Jeffle Xu
2 years, 5 months

[PATCH] selftests/powerpc: remove unneeded semicolon
by Yang Li
2 years, 5 months

[PATCH v3 0/4] powerpc/selftests: Add Power10 2nd DAWR selftests
by Ravi Bangoria
2 years, 5 months

[RFC PATCH v2 0/2] x86/speculation: Add finer control for when to issue IBPB
by Anand K Mistry
2 years, 5 months

Running kunit_tool on unclean trees
by Marcelo Schmitt
2 years, 5 months
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